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Weyes Blood-Some Winters Music Video,

Weyes Blood-Some Winters(Track Review)

 The Innocents    Experimental folk artist and multi instrumentalist Weyes Blood(Natilie Merling) has slowly but sure been honing her craft since around 2006. She first started off releasing short cassettes and EP’s until her her first full length back in 2011 with  Outside The Room. She’s now back with a new full length LP with The Innocents and Some Winters is a single released off the album.

   This track like the majority off Weyes music is a somber super melancholy track. Weyes croons her  strong vocals over piano chords  wispy howling backing vocals chiming in. It really gives this track that haunted fall feel. Weyes Blood really has a command on tone and bringing the emotions she wants out in this track that seems to be about lost love and cold winter lonely winters. This is a beautiful song that’s very indicative of what to expect from her as an artist. Strong lyrics, great instrumental backing, excellent track.

Rating: 8.5/10

By: Patrick Griffin II


Dope Body- Hired Gun(Track Review)

Lifer   Dope Body is a noise rock quartet out of Baltimore and hired gun a single off their third album Lifer. The band is known for their excitable blistering riffs and their noisy but still fun and catchy tunes. This track follows suit.         

     This track is really just a bundle of fun from the squealing lead guitar breakdowns to those powerful rhythm guitars. It’s a song that keeps you up on your toes and wakes you up. It recalls the best of 90’s alternative with some noisey, math rock like adventure. The vocals are reminiscent of Joey Ramone on this track which is nice as it really fits the tone of the track. There’s just so much energy coming out this band and that’s what I like. This one of those tracks that when you put it on really jumps out of the speakers with their sort of loud and raucous style.  In any sense this is great track and on that’s a really good intro to their LP.

Rating: 8.0/10

By: Patrick Griffin II

Dope Body-Hired Gun This is coming off the bands third full length LP  Lifer

Perfume Genius-Queen

Caribou-Our Love(Album Review)

Caribou(Daniel Snaith) is an electronic artist and Our Love is his seventh studio LP and third under the moniker Caribou. Our Love is the follow up to the acclaimed 2010 album Swim. This album while still an interesting record is a bit more straight forward and nature but overall yields positive results.

      Caribou sets the tone of the album nicely with I Can’t Do Without You. A lushly layered track with Daniel crooning over it very nice. The title track is also a nice one as well with it’s bouncy beat and well placed vocal samples it’s a pretty good groove. This album at first listen a tad sterile musically. Nothing really stands out as super pretty and their aren’t many super densely layered tracks but the grooves and tracks as whole are good. The R&B tinged track Second Chance is a good one and I really like the vocals on that one. The overall theme of the album as you’d expect is about love. Caribou sticks to the theme and makes sure the album is cohesive conceptually as possible. Even though none of the individual tracks really standout to me I think as whole the album is a solid piece of work.

      Our love isn’t an album for everyone though and isn’t something I’d put on if I wasn’t really, really in the mood to listen to it. Still a good effort from Caribou and I’m certain there are those much more excited about this album than I was so give it a listen!

Rating: 6.5/10

By: Patrick Griffin II

Key Tracks: Second Chance, Our Love, I can’t Do Without You,

Aspiga-Wide Eyes(Track Review)

     Hailing from New Jersey, Alternative Rock band three-piece Aspiga has been creating alternative rock music since ‘09. Wide Eyes is a single off their upcoming album What Happened To You?. It’s set to be released October 21st. The song while being okay, it’s safe to say it’ll be good if the rest of the album is much better.

     As far as Aspiga's overall sound goes you can hear the punk influences coming in mainly with just how snarly the Kevin Day's vocals are. The guitars thrash and chug along with grit and there's also some decent drumming here as well by Alec McVay. There’s definitely good energy in the song. This particular track  just doesn’t cut it from a lyrical stand point though. Lead vocalist and guitarist Kevin Day said the song was about the ocean and how it can separate us and be destructive while also providing clarity and bringing us together. A nice sentiment and concept, you’d think that would make for an interesting and griping song. Nope. Day's vocals though not bad do come out a little flat here. Even with those issues the song wouldn't be so much of dud if it wasn't for that lackluster super cliche chorus.  By the time you give this a few listens it won't be long till you've had your fill.

      Chino Needs To Feel Big and My little Eraser are two other tracks they’ve released from the album. Both are much faster and more immediate than Wide Eyes. They do more to show what the band is capable of than this song does.  You’re better off listening to those and the band’s previous work than this. 

Rating: 5.5/10

By: Patrick Griffin II

Review will be here too——->

Caribou Full LP.

Albums Of The Week#1
What Constitues an EP?

As far as music formats go, we all know the different classifications. Mix-tape,Single, Album and of course the EP. The term EP stands for extended play and means a project that is longer than a single but to short to be called a full fledged album. EP’s are very popular amongst indie artist who may not have the time and resources to put a quality full album out. They’re a good idea if you want to give fans a taste of what you can do. Still though some artist these days often are making 10+ track albums and still slapping them with the EP tag. So because of this should their be classifications that say when an EP ends and an album begins?

      I’d say yes. I’m often confused when an artist puts out an albums worth of material and still calls it an EP. What are the intentions of doing this. Is the artist trying to wain expectations? Make us feel like well it’s only a EP so don’t critique it is if it were a full proper album. Even though it’s a full album length? Mix-tapes come under similar fire from some but it’s important to remember that mix-tapes are you get what you pay for and if you actually end up loving the music it’s a great bargain. Overly long EP’s on the other hand are just awkward. Cause I’m honestly expecting something that lesser than what you’d call a proper album plus I’m being charged for it.

     This is why I just call long EP’s albums. In reality it’s what they are! Albums with not as much expectations attached.

By: Patrick Griffin II

What do you think, should we eradicate the term EP altogether? Should artist stop selling 15 tracks worth of B sides as EP’s?