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Aphex Twin-Syro(Album Review)

The words "Aphex Twin Syro" written in uppercase black monospace text inside a lime green circle.Aphex Twin is a very influential electronic artist mainly excelling in ambient music, experimental techno and just overall IDM. This is first full length LP since 2001 which is decent  amount of time but Richard James is known for taking a decent amount of time release a full body of work and that’s exactly what he did with Syro

      This album really has the feel of a piece of work that’s been very labored over. Every sonic detail, every synth and sample broken down and arranged to exactly how Aphex wanted it to sound. I run across loads of electronic music and rarely do I here tracks that sound this dexterously and yet at the same time be completely infectious.  Some of the tracks at the beginning of the album harken back to his early ambient days especially the first track minipops 67.

      Most of these tracks are more in the realm of experimental techno with blunted bass synths, complex rhythms and some light piano keys in the mix. Probably some weird vocal sample coming in at the and an atmospheric background to keep that classic eerie Aphex Twin feel.  Loads of break beats on this project as well. While a lot of the composition is indicative of what you’d expect from him it still comes out sounding impressive.  Especially considering some of these tracks were recorded as early as 06’.

      Some may listen to this album and expect more and want an album that sounds maybe just a little newer but tracks like XMAS Event and 180db are just brilliant. Very layered, great track progression, odd sounds. No one else  sounds like this. Period.  Definitely another highlight in Aphex Twin's discography.

Rating: 9.5/10

By: Patrick Griffin II

Big K.R.I.T-See Me On Top Vol 4(Mix-Tape Review)

Photo: #PayAttention... My new mixtape is here! Go download #SeeMeOnTop Volume 4 Hosted By: DJ Dibiase at rapper Big K.R.I. T is gearing up for his second full length album Cadillactica and in doing so he’s dropped the fourth installment of the See Me On Top mix- tape series. This is obviously something to hold over fans till the new project is released and it makes for a good stop gap for the time being.

      The first track Mt Olympus is easily a stand out. A monster of track that I thought he’d save for the album but I’m guessing Big K.R.I.T wants an album with newer content or maybe it just doesn’t fit on the album. Either way Big K.R.I.T sounds on this mix-tape like he’s just having fun and  warming up. Tracks like Mind Fuck and Shook Up are vivid and sexual. I really like the deeper cuts on the tape like What’s Next which paints the picture of him telling the story of people in his life making negative decisions due to their circumstances. There’s also never going back where he talks about his rough past but being able to see past that and realizing his potential.

     As usual Big K.R.I.T handles most of the production on this Mix-Tape and as usual they all sound in line with his style. It’s all music that’s ready made to be played in an old school ride with the bass rattling. I love the beat on Creep Up. Some might say he needs to jump on others beats to improve and expand as an artist but I think he’s getting better at making different types of beats for different moods.  I think the thing I like about Big K.R.I.T most is he’s always able to stay grounded and relatable lyrically. Even  though at times he talks about things that come a long with added fame you can still see the drive to connect with listeners and master his craft.

    Though this a good set of tracks I know these are on the mix-tape for a reason. It’s not as good as 4evaNaDay or Krit Was Here but I think it’s solid lyrical exercise for Big K.R.I.T as he looks to release  his more anticipated upcoming album in November.

Rating: 7.0/10

By: Patrick Griffin II 

Vessel-Punish, Honey(Album Review)

Punish, HoneyVessel is an electronic artist and Punish, Honey is his second album. The album expands on his debut reaching more into industrial sounds and blending them well with electronic sounds.

     Vessel on this album does a really good job of creating good rhythms and grooves on a lot of the tracks on here while still maintaining a sense of visceral energy. Some tracks on here like the intro Febrile are more abrasive at their core. One thing that pervades this LP is ominous dark atmosphere. Most of the tones here have a dark and brooding feel to them. Eoui is a clear highlight with it’s industrial tones just blending nicely with melodic sounds in the mix. 

       Though this isn’t you’re most straight forward release i think anyone with a slight interest in experimental music could jump right in and enjoy this  project. Tracks like Red Sex and DPM just the  perfect blend of machinery and brightly toned electronic beats. Then there’s tracks that are more just about the atmosphere that borders on climatically like Drowned In Water and Light.

       Vessels really shows an ability to create interesting tracks that are both compositionally  complex and easily enjoyable. Though only eight tracks there’s a lot of variety on the album while at the same time maintaining overall cohesion. Certainly and album worth digging in too.

Rating: 8.5/10

By: Patrick Griffin II

Vessel-Punish, Honey

Check out synth pop artist Lights video for Up We Go off her upcoming album Little Machines which is due out on the 19th.

Logic-Under Pressure

Logic-Under Pressure(Track Review)

   Logic is a Maryland MC whose dropped four good to decent mix-tapes and is now prepping his debut album Under Pressure. This is the title track and first official single off the album. I’m personally anticipating  the LP and this is a good taste of what’s to come.

   As usual with Logic's the most standout aspect is his rapping. On this track he didn't use his trade mark double time flow but he does switch it up decently on the track. The track's topics are about the pressures of putting out an album and just the general grind that goes into being an artist. You can hear the passion as Logic raps as if he knows this is his time. The production is okay with a repetitive vocal sample in the background of a nicely layered track.

     This doesn’t instantly blow my mind cause after listening to Logic from the beginning I know he’s capable of. That said it’s a decent lead single and a good intro to the album.

Rating: 7.5/10

By: Patrick Griffin II

Simian Mobile Disco-Whorl(Album Review)

WhorlWhorl is the fourth studio LP from English electronic Duo Simian Mobile Disco. The bands been creating pretty good house and techno music for almost a decade. This release is more in the ambient techno realm. The results yield some high moments and some underwhelming ones.

       The overall sound is kind of interstellar in approach with some ethereal tones coming over these bleeping and blooping sounds. SMD really do a good job of creating a nice atmosphere to go along with good beats and grooves.  I really like the synths on some of these tracks. I love the kind of tin and bouncy beat prevalent on Dervish. The first half of the album I’d say is pretty strong. There’s  a good mix of sounds and textures that help the tracks move nicely.   On the downsides of this LP I do think by the second half the album things get a bit more ambient than in the beginning but I find some of the tracks a little too flat sonically. I often felt they just didn’t progress enough or add more layers to keep me fully engaged.

       All in all I think this is a decent electronic release. There was nothing I really thought was bad and there were tracks I really enjoyed. I think it could’ve been shortened a tad but I’d still recommend giving this a good listen.

 Listen here——> 

Rating: 6.5/10

By: Patrick Griffin II

Tennis-Ritual In Repeat(Album Review)

Ritual in RepeatRitual In Repeat is Denver band Tennis's Third LP. A band known for their lo-fi, indie pop sound Tennis come out on the third release with a polished and well recorded pop record.

     On this release Tennis come full of tracks that are breezy and melody driven. Alainia Moore really have a nice vocal and it’s very strong on this album. Instrumental some tracks have a good surf rock vibes some of these tracks others are a little more dream pop like in structure.Tennis also do pretty good when it comes to balladry on this album.  There’s just a lot great rifts on this and really good song writing on this project.

    Most of the songs on this album deal with romance, love etc. Still the lyrics don’t ever really pull me in when I listen to this project. It’s the overall sound quality that does. There are quite a bit of bands out now with this particular style of indie pop but I think the vocals and the guitars are really tight on this album. So many bands of the style are so quick to layer the production with fuzz and distortion  as buffer for lack luster playing but this album is an exercise in musicianship and it makes for a more impressive album.

    So if you’re into indie pop, pop rock and surf rock I’d give this a decent listen. It’s not something I’d personally listen too regularly   but objectively this is a great album.

Rating: 8.0/10

By: Patrick Griffin II

Interpol-All The Rage Back Home