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M. Jean. M-Live Through Me(Album Review) Jean M(Maurie) is a young MC  whose been making music on a super underground level and mainly releasing it through through sound cloud. Live Through Me is her debut album and overall it leaves mixed results.

      MJM for the most part creates alternative rap music. A lot of the beats she rhymes over are dark and atmospheric. Just a lot of horror core esq production. Some tracks are more skeletal and others are pure acapella  For the most part it’s well done.Her rapping is a tad off kilter, sometimes she rhymes a little slower, almost spoken word even other times she’s more hyped. "Fucked Up Minds ft Kyle Ritch” is a perfect example, Maurie just sounds great on that beat her flow fits nicely and chorus is just right. Animal Crackers is another good track which makes great use of a Sherly Temple sample to sort of eerie effect. Lyrically she raps about people being manipulated by trends and brands.

       MJM has characteristics of a potentially good rapper. She has a lot of personality and decent content,  you have tracks with a socially aware message some tracks that have what seem to be love songs and some boastful tracks. Not to mention an ear for interesting instrumentals but her skills on the mic are still pretty sketchy. Sometimes she’s a little too flat, or a  tad too off beat or just a little sloppy when it comes to her bars and word annunciation(nothing that couldn’t be improved upon with tons of practice). So even though there were bright spots and the execution isn’t always there.If you’re into hip-hop though I’d give her tracks a listen!


By: Patrick Griffin II

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Evil Pink Machine-Evil Pink Machine(EP Review)

Evil Pink Machine EP cover artEvil Pink Machine is a London based Lo-Fi electronica producer Igor Delgado Martin. This four track self titled EP is his debut EP. It’s really a nice little project with four tracks that give off different vibes and show cases Evil Pink Machine’s ability as a producer and vocalist.

      The first track Treasure is the most instantaneously catchy there’s a lot of bass that just sort of pulsates through the track along with these synths over it that flutter in the background. Igor’s vocals  sound solid and passionate and they work for the track.  Ink is another solid track I like the groove and the repetitive vocal in the background coming in at times. There’s a decent R&B influence coming in on this track a little neo-soul feel to it.It’s another favorite and the groove is as I pointed earlier is just right. 

      Don’t give up is a little more on the underwhelming side production wise something about the chorus with the repetitive “Don’t give up” in the background that feels a tad cheesy but it’s a decent song. The Devils Tail kind of makes up for that going back to that slower vibe that feels like a mix of sensualness and sinisterness even if it is a tad short!

     Evil Pink Machine show a decent amount of promise. Although I enjoyed this EP it’s really just a taste so I’d love to hear something that was more of a full body of work. That’s when you know it was a good EP when it leaves you wanting a little more.

Rating: 7.0/10

By: Patrick Griffin II

La Dispute Live set

Logic-Now(Track Review)

     After four mix-tapes on the underground level Logic has proven himself to be a very skilled rapper and to have the ability to make radio friendly songs while still maintaining his lyrical integrity. Those assets eventually  landed him a spot on Def Jam records.

      His latest single Now is essentially those aspects blended together perfectly. The track has a beat that’s a tad hazy and atmospheric with hi-hats and the like. The chorus is easy to chant along to! And Logic is lyrically smashing the track with some nice flow switches and some double time. It’s for the most part what radio rap would sound like if the majority of rappers where more lyrically inclined. Content wise the Now is pretty much a come up song which we find Logic rapping about how people are messing with him now that he’s gained popularity and how his life has changed overall. All in all I like the track and I’m looking forward to seeing what his debut on Def Jam will sound like.

Rating: 7.5/10

By: Patrick Griffin II

OFF!-Void You Out! Hardcore Punk doesn’t get to much better!

OFF!-Wasted Years(Album Review)

OFF! is a hardcore punk band fronted by Keith Morris of Black Flag and now OFF!. A super group of sorts with all it’s members having been part of successful punk bands in the past. In 2012 I was greatly impressed with OFF!'s self titled second LP for it's speed ferocity and no holds bar approach. Wasted Years essentially picks up right where they left of with little to no alterations.

     If you’re really into the last album..then there’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to get into this’s very similar. So similar in fact that if you never listen to this than you haven’t missed much. This isn’t to say that’s a bad thing..This is a great hardcore punk album. The energy is still high the drumming and rifts are still buzzing wit h raw intense relentlessness and Keith Morris still brings a savy punk vocal to the table. Lyrical themes would go into general anarchy and  disdain for everything corrupt. 

    It maybe a little heavier and there’s a little more length on these tracks so it’s not moving at exactly the same blistering pace but it’s just as enjoyable. Sure you could blame them for not pushing their sound a little more forward but that  won’t stop this album from being in my personal rotation even if Wasted Years doesn’t move me as much their previous work did.

Rating: 8.0/10

By: Patrick Griffin II

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