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Wire-Change Becomes Us(Album Review)

Back with their thirteenth count em thirteenth LP Wire doesn’t disappoint on Change Becomes US. Wire if you’re unfamiliar with the band are a long time British post-punk band who really had land mark albums in the late 70’s and early 80’s with Pink Flag generally being praised as the bands magnum opus. Of course it’s always difficult to top landmark material but by the time you get into your thirteenth album people just want see if you still have the passion and desire to make great music, they just want to know you still have it.

     Well this album is really just fleshing out and remaking a lot of the live tracks they made early in the career that was released on a live album entitled Document and Eye Witness. On the surface that sounds like they’ve lost their spark and can’t come up with new material but not so fast. The band really do these tracks justice now. They bring the energy and passion to these post-punk soundscapes. Some of the tracks play like Chairs Missing era a little minimalistic but still with a lot of atmosphere. Still we can only guess what these tracks would’ve actually sounded like had they recorded them decades ago it still doesn’t take away from the tracks now. I’d definitely tell anyone who enjoyed the bands early work to give this a good listen.

Rating: 7.5/10

By: Patrick Griffin II

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