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Logic- Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever(Mix-Tape Review)

 Front Cover     Logic is a young Maryland MC whose built a decent underground buzz for himself and has a nice catalog of mix-tapes under his belt. Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever is his fourth tape and a lot has changed since his last mix-tape Undeniable, he’s been on the cover of XXL and has signed to Defjam. The natural questions fans want to know is it going to affect how he makes music, is he going to sell out so to speak.

      These are some of the main topics Logic touches on the mix-tape while ironically some of  these tracks are easily his most blatant bid for some mainstream attention. There aren’t as many 90’s hip-hop influenced beats on here and there’s a lot of stuff that sounds production wise like other stuff that’s on mainstream rap radio. To me this isn’t surprising since Logic obviously has bigger ambitions than being a great underground MC. His skills as an MC are still there on full display though.

     ”Walk On By” which is my favorite track on the album see’s Logic just spazz switching up his flows rhymes schemes all on a beat that sounds very triumphant . ”Roll Call” is another highlight for me in which he raps over Outkast’s Ms Jackson and chronicles his rise and addresses his race and how people judge based on appearance only. On ”Common Logic/ Midnight Marauder” Logic addresses his fans directly over a nice piano laden track and once again stating he’ll never leave lyricism behind in the mainstream.

      What makes Logic so vital is that he’s a very versatile rapper for as comfortable as he is going for straight beats and rhymes he’s equally as comfortable on  street tracks like ”Ballin”. I personally just find Logic’s music less interesting when he goes down that route. I also wish he would find his own lane or choose a lane. Sure, this mix-tape is a little less disjointed than Undeniable but I still feels like Logic is trying hard to balance the different styles of rap he likes and make it work. Since it’s a mix-tape he just throws in about 18 tracks so everyone gets something they like. I’d like to see him narrow his focus a bit and find his own voice. Still it’s a solid mix-tape and I’m interested to see what he does on his debut album.

Rating: 7.0/10

By: Patrick Griffin II